Primary Investigators

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Centralina Clean Fuels Coalition promotes programs to reduce petroleum dependence, improve air quality, and expand alternative fuel use and technology.

NC Solar Center provides workforce training, curriculum, demonstration and testing of new products, technical assistance, financial analysis and industrial recruitment services to the state's innovative energy businesses and workforce.

Triangle Clean Cities Coalition brings together fleet managers, local and state government officials, fuel and vehicle providers, and interested citizen groups to improve air quality and reduce dependence on petroleum by promoting alternative transportation fuels.

Palmetto State Clean Fuels Coalition is a voluntary public/private partnership that expands the use of alternative fuels, including CNG, ethanol, methanol, electricity, & liquefied petroleum gas (propane).

Land-Of-Sky Clean Vehicles Coalition promotes the use of fuel blends, gas-electric hybrids, more fuel efficient gasoline vehicles and anti-idling policies, programs and technologies to reduce our nation's dependence on foreign sources of petroleum and improve our air quality.